• Pay the rent on time every time. If not paid on the first, you will be provided with a Notice To End which give you 5 days to pay or 10 days to move. If you pay rent late more than once, you risk eviction for frequent late payment of rent.
  • Keep the premises and the surrounding area clean and in good condition.
  • Keep noise to a level that will not disturb you neighbours.
  • Repair any damage occurring to the apartment through the fault of the tenant, family members or guests. Notify Property Manager at once of major damage.
  • Give the Property Manager permission to enter the apartment at reasonable times and with advance notice to inspect it or to make any necessary repairs.
  • Notify the Property Manager of any anticipated prolonged absence from the apartment.
  • When moving out, give Property Manager proper advance notice. Be sure that the apartment is in the same condition as when the tenant moved in and return the key to the Property Manager promptly.
  • Notify the Property Manager immediately if the apartment needs repair. If notification is neglected, the tenant may be charged for the additional damage as a result of not reporting the matter.
  • Promptly pay for all utilities that the Property Manager does not otherwise agree to pay for.
  • See your tenancy agreement for specific details that you agreed to by signing the contract.

Reasonable wear and tear which refers to natural deterioration that occurs due to aging and other natural forces, where the tenant has used the premises in a reasonable manner.

Any damage caused by deliberate action or negligence is the tenant's responsibility. The security deposit may be used to rectify a problem at the end of a tenancy but an interim matter should be reported to the Property Manager as soon as possible. Tenants should note that liability for damage is not limited to the amount of a security deposit.

Yes, the tenant is expected to have the carpets professionally steam-cleaned; and window coverings, behind appliances, walls, vents/grilles, and glass, cleaned on a regular basis and then again at the end of the tenancy. Yards, walks and driveways require regular tenant upkeep, which includes raking leaves, shoveling snow, maintaining gardens, and mowing/trimming lawns as required for safety and relative curb-appeal. Bulbs, filters and fuses must also be replaced as necessary. Fireplaces and chimneys must be maintained and cleaned if being used. The tenant is also responsible for freeing blocked plumbing, lost keys or similar negligence.

Do you have an active tenancy agreement which has not expired? If so, you must take full responsibility for breaking your tenancy agreement which may not just be limited to costs. If you are on a month-to-month tenancy, you are required to give 30 days notice on or before the last day of the rental period to move out at the end of the next. For example, if you wish to move out at the end of July, you will have to provide written notice before the end of June.

Before hanging anything on a wall, the tenant should request permission from the Property Manager. The tenant must repair walls where an excessive number of nail holes, large nails, anchors, screws or tape have been used and have left wall damage. A tenant must not paint, renovate, or otherwise alter the premises without the written consent of the Property Manager before undertaking any work.

No, tenants must not disable or alter any security alarms, CO detectors, or smoke alarms and must also notify the Property Manager of any malfunctions or if new batteries are required.

If the tenant wants to change or install a dish or extra jacks written permission from the Property Manager is required before any work is conducted.

If the tenant wants to change or install a dish or extra jacks written permission from the Property Manager is required before any work is conducted.

Yes, with 24 hours to 30 days notice, the property can be reasonably accessed with or without your permission. You do not have to be present but may opt to do so.
We can make as much noise as we want to during the daytime...
No, excessive noise is not permitted at any time.

To protect yourself an any liability relating to fire or other damage, it is recommended to have appropriate insurance.

Yes, but for emergencies only. The emergency line is 250-808-3837.

Possibly, but at the reasonable discretion of your Property Manager. This must be approved in writing before the extra party moves in.

Your Property Manager is under no obligation to grant an extension of time. Communication of any problems in paying rent must be undertaken as soon as possible.
I will just do my own repair...
Wait! Are you certified/qualified? Do you have written permission to proceed? Most tenants should not attempt things like clearing eavestroughs, pruning large trees, changing electrical breakers or outlets, removing a toilet, or performing roof repairs.
We're not sure what to do...
If ever in doubt, contact your Property Manager who can answer your questions.