Maximizing Your Real Estate Investment

Leave the trading to the realtors and let us specialize in maximizing your real estate investment. Too often we hear property managers that operate out of real estate trading companies say "why not sell your investment?" At APM we focus on what we specialize in, obtaining the best return on your investment until it's maturity date. We're not here to try and make cash now. We calculate, with the investors input, the length of time needed to maximize the investment while taking into account tax implications and capital gains output upon maturity.

Whether you need as little as assistance with filling your vacancy with a solid tenant, help with handling a "problem" tenant or full management services, contact us and

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We offer a wide range of property management services.

One size does not fit all. Every contract is unique.
Typical Full Management Fees are negotiated
Typical Placement Fee is negotiated

Our available services include but are not limited to:

  • Assistance with Residential Tenancy Legislation
  • Property Assessments
  • Advice regarding current Rental Market Conditions
  • Estimating property Rental Values
  • Advertising and showing the property. Internet advertising is available!
  • Tenant screening typically includes Landlord/Employment References and a Credit report
  • Completion of a comprehensive Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Collection of Security Deposits and Pet Deposits as applicable
  • Collection of monthly Rents and payment of Expenses
  • Electronic Deposit Of Rent proceeds to your account at no extra cost
  • Completion of a detailed Condition Inspection Report during move in/out
  • Provision of detailed Monthly Income/Expense Report
  • Provision of an Annual Cash Flow statement
  • Arranging for Repairs and scheduled Property Inspections
  • Preparation for & attendance at Arbitration Hearings on behalf of the owners
  • We also provide Specialized Services for Realtors and private Landlords including Tenant Evictions, Service of Documents, and Other Services.