Disclosure Statement Assistance

We will assist in the review process as your disclosure statement is prepared from the very start. We will develop your budget and bylaws, while providing guidance to you and your legal team around items such as cost-sharing, etc.


Strata bylaws and continuously evolving, from pets and parking to short-term rentals and human rights exemptions. With a vast knowledge and archive of bylaws at our fingertips, our team will assist with crafting the bylaws that will be best for your community.


By managing over ______ units, we have collected data the target levels for strata fees, utilities, insurance, maintenance expenses, etc. This will help us create an accurate and fair budget.

New Developments Team

We have dedicated Strata Managers who have specialized in new developments and will be there throughout the entire handover process. From move-ins to managing the first AGM and interim budget. We also provide a Welcome Package to all new homeowners.

EZ Condo Tools

Available exclusively to APM clients, owners will receive access to EZ Condo Tools, which is an online application where they can view their strata's latest minutes, notices, financials, documents, and bylaws.

EZ Condo Tools (visit www.ezcondotools.com) is a web based and smartphone software application that provides your strata community with a secure website, easy 24/7 document retrieval and instant smartphone messaging to enhance your community living experience.

New Council Setup and Training

We will work with the new Council and guide them as they get familiar with their new community.

Warranty/Deficiency Process